#WayBackWardrobe: Rocawear


“I think I might wife her. You know – powder blue Rocawear suit, white Nike-her!”

Jay Z has been the coolest man alive since at least 1998. Who wouldn’t want to look like him? Created in 1999, Rocawear was a pioneer and the crème de la crème of streetwear. And their reign didn’t let up until about 2007. Celebrities like Trey Songz, Ciara, Zoe Saldana, Chris Brown, and Charlamagne the God have been faces of the brand. There isn’t much that hasn’t been covered in the Roc’s flame logo. They’ve sold everything from shoes, clothes, and jewelry, to mundane items like lighters and umbrellas! o_O When they revamped their logo, if you were caught dead in the old one, you were an instant loser!  Honey, after the “R”-logo hit stores, my bomber coat with the old one was good as trash!