Kendall Jenner Teases Big Announcement, The Internet Slams Her After The Reveal

Kendall Jenner spent days hyping up a big announcement and of course Kris Jenner was right there with her. It was supposed to be a big, emotional reveal. In fact, Kris shared the following on Twitter to really get people invested:

People thought she might be opening up about her anxiety or something similar. Turns out, the whole thing was to announce that she is the new spokesperson of Proactiv.

Twitter being Twitter was not having it.

Now acne is hard to deal with and it might have been a big deal to Kendall to talk about it. But, she and Kris definitely went above and beyond to promote this. And she’s getting paid (probably a huge amount) to work with Proactiv. So, it’s understandable that people were left feeling a little…meh. Although the internet, Twitter in particular, does take it too far quite often.