Not gonna lie, I love sweets.  For me, ice cream is my biggest weakness so I TRY (not hard enough) not to bring it home so I won’t eat the whole carton.  I’m also a fan of Oreos…double stuff, to be exact.

Everyone grew up making single stuff oreos into double stuff.  Then, Nabisco dropped double stuff Oreos.  Probably the day they were released, people starting making quadruple stuff Oreos in their homes…and Nabisco has again come through for us.

The company just released “Most Stuf [sic] Oreos.”  The cookies include four times the filling of a normal Oreo and cost about $3 for 18 cookies.  They’re in stores now, most people finding them at Rite-Aid stores.  LOL!

I’m just hoping we don’t see Nabisco decided to double THESE.  I think enough stuff is enough.  🙂