Next Year’s Halftime Show For The Big Game Is…

No joke…THE BACKSTREET BOYS want to play the half time show at next year’s Super Bowl!

While hanging on the red carpet at the Grammy’s yesterday, the Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson said, “you know, give us a call.  We might be free.”  He went on to say performing at the game would be “a big honor.”

(side note:  The NFL / Pepsi do not pay the half-time performer.  Their “payment” is in free exposure, which leads to album sales.)

Who knows who’s going to do the game next year?  The problem is that most artists turned their back to the NFL because of the treatment of Colin Kaepernick.  Rumors are pointing towards grabbing a country superstar for next year, which really wouldn’t be a horrible idea.

For the record, BSB has performed during the game, they performed the National Anthem in 2001.  LOOK AT HOW YOUNG THEY LOOK!!!!!