Big Sean Opens Up About His Battle With Depression, Anxiety


(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Roc Nation )








Mental health is nothing to play with. Personally, I’ve had my own battle with anxiety over the last year. It’s pretty scary stuff. My oldest son also battles with depression and anxiety. I love when celebrities are transparent about their battles. It serves as a simple reminder that no matter how glorious or glamorous they may seem, at the end of the day, they’re people. Big Sean is one of those celebs that I commend for speaking up and out about his mental health struggles.


Big Sean is opening up to his fans about battling depression and anxiety … revealing how he coped with his issues, and how he came out stronger on the other side.

The Detroit rapper scrubbed his Instagram except for 3 new videos he posted late Sunday night, detailing a spiritual journey he took starting around this time last year on his birthday. Sean says he felt lost and stepped back from life to examine why.

When his usual meditation wasn’t working, Sean Don says he took the next step … getting himself into therapy and talking about his issues — namely, his growing discontent with his work and the state of the relationships around him, some of which he calls “toxic.”