Sony Drops Details on PS-5

Photo: Pixabay

Since I was a little “sid” I LOVED video games.  I started with the Atari and moved to the PlayStation.  I hopped to the XBox once that dropped and never took a second look at the PS.  I’m quite happy with my XBox affiliation (currently jamming the XBox One S), but it looks like Sony is working hard to not only grab me, but you too!

Sony has FINALLY dropped a few details about their new console…the PlayStation 5.

PS5 will have 8K graphics, 3D sound and will also be backwards compatible with PS4 games.  That’s a HUGE selling point.  Sadly, it’s one of the reasons a lot of people bailed on the platform once PS4 dropped.

Sony said the hard drive will also be replaced with an SSD; making games load and play faster.

There’s still no release date but the website “Wired,” claimed you should NOT expect to see the new PS5 out this year.  Next year seems to be the target for Sony.

We’ll see.