Hey There!  I love all things pop culture, and I’ve been pretty blessed to have met & interviewed some HUGE stars like Diddy, Ne-Yo (he smells so good, The Chainsmokers and John Legend (he smells even better!)  I’ve been married to my ginger, Tony for about a year, I pretend he’s Prince Harry sometimes.  Ohh, and I love reality TV, like everyone else here I guess – but I’m the resident Bravoholic – I’ll binge on all the housewives shows!  I can’t wait to bring my energy to the freakin’ weekend on Energy!


Pumped to be with you on Energy 93.9! I’m married…I’m a dad to two young kids and I snapchat way too much…usually about nothing.  I love everything pop culture, so much so I even once co-hosted a show with Perez Hilton, that’s when is hair was pink.  I love dogs too…and anything outdoors!


I was born and raised right here in Indy! I love my listeners and really love connecting with people on the air and on social media, and I love being on the streets meeting everybody!   Everybody else here seems to be obsessed with reality TV shows, not me – I’m basically the #Potterhead of the group….I know everything about Harry Potter….seriously ask me anything about Harry Potter, I’ll be able to answer. 

I’m a mom of three entertaining kids – maybe I don’t watch reality TV, b/c with my kids it’s like I’m stuck in a reality show!


I’ve lived in Indy my whole life and I’m not dying to get out. I went to Butler for college, but I did not study radio! I’ve been a coach, a teacher, a server, even a social worker… but now you can listen to me talk about Post Malone’s next face tat. Demi Lovato will always be my fave. My world revolves around my fam, my best friends and my boyfriend of a decade that I still don’t live with. I have a sweet little girl cat I’m obsessed with – HER name is Harold. Most of my spare time goes to knitting, streaming crime shows, and adding to my collection of black leggings.

Follow me on Instagram: @emilyontheradio


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