Hey There!  I love all things pop culture, and I’ve been pretty blessed to have met & interviewed some HUGE stars like Diddy, Ne-Yo (he smells so good, The Chainsmokers and John Legend (he smells even better!)  I’ve been married to my ginger, Tony for about a year, I pretend he’s Prince Harry sometimes.  Ohh, and I love reality TV, like everyone else here I guess – but I’m the resident Bravoholic – I’ll binge on all the housewives shows!  I can’t wait to bring my energy to the freakin’ weekend on Energy!! 



Pumped to be with you on Energy 93.9! I’m married…I’m a dad to two young kids and I snapchat way too much…usually about nothing.  I love everything pop culture, so much so I even once co-hosted a show with Perez Hilton, that’s when is hair was pink.  I love dogs too…and anything outdoors!


I was born and raised right here in Indy! I love my listeners and really love connecting with people on the air and on social media, and I love being on the streets meeting everybody!   Everybody else here seems to be obsessed with reality TV shows, not me – I’m basically the #Potterhead of the group….I know everything about Harry Potter….seriously ask me anything about Harry Potter, I’ll be able to answer. 

I’m a mom of three entertaining kids – maybe I don’t watch reality TV, b/c with my kids it’s like I’m stuck in a reality show!

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